Where have I been? Writing Motivation.

    So maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe not (perhaps I’m being conceited) that I’ve been absent on the blog for a while now. Nothings came up, life has been as painfully ordinary as ever, so I can’t give you that excuse. Truth is, there is no excuse. I guess if I had to give … Continue reading Where have I been? Writing Motivation.


The Mind and Body of Anorexia

    Guest Post by Savannah    I grew up thinking I was fat and ugly. There were many reasons for that. One reason being the social circle I was in at a young age, girls comparing their bodies to mine and making comments. Another reason was society and the comments my mother made. She … Continue reading The Mind and Body of Anorexia

Senses of Depression

    I hear you as you coerce me to close my eyes again when I wake up, You remind me of my own futile existence, ‘It’s going to be a dreadful day’, you snicker, A cacophonous cry of meretricious music blasting through my earphones, Struggling to suppress you, I attempt to drown you in … Continue reading Senses of Depression