And The Winner is… (and other announcements)



Hello My Lovelies !

Sorry I have been off the grid for a few days. I’ve been super busy writing articles for other blogs and publications that I kind of neglected my own. Don’t worry, I have lots of posts scheduled for this week to make up for my absence.

I’m happy to announce that my guest post on Live Lavishly is now live. Live Lavishly is my beautiful cousin Carly’s blog. She writes about all things health, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Make sure to follow her and tell her I sent you.

My post is all about Anxiety and how I manage it day to day. It includes a bunch of tips on how to ease the symptoms of anxiety and make your life a little easier. Pleeeeeeease check it out, it would mean so much to me

Click Here for the post ♡

Second of all, I have finally gotten around to picking a winner for the Feminist Goodies Giveaway!

And the winner is …..

Giveaway winner

Yaz ! I will be in touch v soon to get your details and send off your prizes.

I will definitely be doing more giveaways in the future. I had so much fun picking out items to put in the bundle and I am delighted at the feedback I was given. I was only expecting a handful of people to enter so I was buzzing at the response.

Make sure you’re the first to hear about any upcoming giveaways by following me on here and Instagram @susancolganblog

Love you all so much, hope you’re having a fab day ♡





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