Why I am Amazing! (and why you are too)

Hello, my name is Susan and I am fucking amazing. Really, I am killing it at being an awesome contributing member of society. I am an A+ person. 10/10 would be friends with. I have so many amazing qualities I don’t even know where I’m going to begin. I love myself. I’m in love with myself.

Am I making you uncomfortable? Are you confused? Am I cocky? Stuck up? Full of myself? Am I really so conceited that I have decided to dedicate a whole blog post to myself and how great I am?

Listen, I learned a long time ago that no matter what I say about myself as a woman, I can’t win. I can’t call myself ugly, that’s attention seeking, fishing for compliments. Also it makes people super uncomfortable when I’m self-deprecating, don’t do it. Oh, but wait, I can’t call myself beautiful, then I’m self-obsessed. I’m arrogant, right?

Something I’ve learned throughout my late teens and early twenties is that nobody else’s opinion of you should trump your own. Also, if you’re kinder to yourself, tell yourself that your amazing every once in a while, it attracts positive people into your life and in turn, you become a happier person.

So here’s my challenge to you, make a list, in your head or on any piece of paper, even on your own blog, of ten things that make you amazing. Be nice to yourself, the world is mean enough and it’s reassuring to know that you can at least count on yourself to always have your best interest at heart. Compliment yourself, I dare you.

Here’s my list:

  1. I set up this blog!

I have always loved writing. I would write stories and poems as a little girl and I wrote my first book on a Barbie typewriter when I was 11 – obviously it was never published. It makes me happy. It’s a way to vent my feelings and I often get more out of writing a personal blog post than I do a €100 therapy session. It’s unbelievably cathartic. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for years but I never had the courage. I’m amazing because I was able to put that fear of vulnerability and failure aside and do what I love. I’ve had great early success, managing to get 2500 views in my first two weeks blogging and being published twice and I am so proud.



  1. I’m fucking funny.

Okay, I know everyone thinks they’re funny, but I really am, I swear. Nothing makes me happier than making someone laugh. I know that whenever my boyfriend or family is down I can crack a sarcastic joke and bring a smile to their face, even if just for a second. I’m amazing because my sense of humor makes others happy.


  1. I’ve managed to maintain a long-term relationship.

Speaking of my boyfriend, I’m amazing because he loves me. This man, who is so selfless and so kind loves me, that has to count for something. We have been together 6 years, since I was 14 years old. When most teenage relationships fell apart around us we stuck it out. Throughout every fight, every ‘break’ we always found our way back to each other. That is my biggest accomplishment.



  1. I have so much love to give.

I am sensitive, empathetic and soft. All I want is to make people happy. I have the capacity to love absolutely anyone, even enemies. I am forgiving. I can’t hold grudges. I want to hug every single person on this planet and tell them that I care. I am amazing because I wear my heart on my sleeve.


  1. I’m beautiful.

Okay, let’s get vain. My eyes are so big and blue and I love them. I have pretty pink lips and pale skin. I have a big round soft tummy. I have thick thighs that I adore. I have a button nose, long legs and gigantically squishy boobs. I’m amazing because I can appreciate my flaws and turn them into a positive. I’m amazing because I am sexy.


  1. My style is fearless.

I’m never afraid to stand out, in fact that’s what I aim for. I wear colours that don’t match, crazy patterns, clothes that aren’t ‘meant’ to be worn by a plus size girl and refuse to wear high heels out to a club. I coat my skin in glitter, I dye my hair any colour that I’m feeling at the time and wear blue and yellow eyeshadow. I look at my body as a canvas. I love to get creative with fashion and beauty. I’m not into trends or Kim K make up (it’s fine if you are, no hate.) I’m amazing because I am unique, I am artistic, I am fearless.



  1. I’m so gay.

Okay, not all the way gay, I’m half and half. I’m bisexual. I love women, I love men, I love non-binary babes. I love androgynous women and feminine men. I’m amazing because I can see beauty in absolutely anyone, regardless of their gender. I’m amazing because I am brave. I hid this part of me for so long and to not have to keep it a secret anymore has set me free. I’m amazing because I’m bi.


  1. I persevere, no matter what.

I dropped out of college (university) twice. Yep, not once, twice. Both times were due to poor mental health. I thought I would never get where I want to be because of my GAD, agoraphobia and depression. I dropped out because it was impossible not to. Since January, I have gotten my shit together. I’m on the right medication, seeing a therapist weekly and am finally talking about my feelings with my loved ones. This October, I will be returning to University to try again. I’m amazing because I never give up, no matter hard things get. I’m amazing because I don’t know my own strength.


  1. I care about others.

One of my biggest passions in life is charity. I love to help out in any way I can. I campaign, I protest, I fund-raise and volunteer. So often people get criticized for ‘bragging’ about how much charity work they get involved in and I think it’s ridiculous. You should be so proud of yourself for being selfless (of course social media likes shouldn’t be the reason behind your philanthropy.) I’m amazing because I give back whatever I can. I founded my own charity, Period Poverty Ireland, and am in the process of getting it registered. You can find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/periodpovertyireland/




  1. Because I am me.

I am me. Nobody else can be me. It’s a member’s only club and I’m the only one that knows the password. This is my biggest superpower, something that nobody can take from me. I am Susan Colgan from Dublin. I am a blogger and a student. I am an activist and a writer. I am a daughter, a partner, a friend, a cousin. I am a neighbor and a classmate. I am ‘that pink haired girl off Facebook.’ I am imperfect, I am sick, I get angry, I get sad. I feel love and happiness and I laugh every day. I am amazing because I am me.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


13 thoughts on “Why I am Amazing! (and why you are too)

  1. Loved it! It’s a very important message that everyone should have! Everyone should have same Outlook as you. The World would be a much happier place! ❤️

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  2. I very much agree with this! I’ve gotten a lot of flack for having confidence and being happy with who I am over the years – apparently I’m supposed to have a love/hate relationship with myself. I think people can be intimidated by this display, especially when it is displayed in someone who identifies as female.

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